ICBA and Fidelity Bank: Community Banks Power Local Communities

bank employees celebrating Community Banking Month

“As a financial provider deeply rooted in the communities we serve in central Iowa and western Illinois, we leverage our local decision making and financial expertise to help residents reach their financial goals,” Brian deBuhr President and CEO at Fidelity Bank said. “At Fidelity Bank we not only make banking simple, but we contribute to vital causes that positively impact the community. We invite you to visit our branches and discover how Fidelity Bank can meet your unique banking needs—whether you’re embarking on your financial journey or are already established.”

Collectively, community banks give more than 60% of all small-business loans and more than 80% of agriculture loans nationwide and contribute tax dollars that help maintain local municipalities. Community banks:

•             Are favored by small businesses, earning a 81% net satisfaction score compared to 68% for large banks, 62% for finance companies and 48% for online lenders. 

•             Are committed lenders with loan growth that has outpaced noncommunity banks for a decade.

•             Offer high-touch, high-tech service. This gives consumers access to modern-day conveniences and technical capabilities while maintaining the personal service for which community banks are known.

•             Have a track record in helping underserved Americans by providing greater flexibility to low-income and minority borrowers. Community banks serve 93% of majority-minority communities and 96% of low-income designated counties.

•             Give back to their communities. Civic service is a way of life for community bankers as reflected in ICBA’s National Community Bank Service Awards.

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“Embracing the mantle of financial stewards, community banks cater to their customers’ distinct financing needs as a cornerstone of their business philosophy for cultivating satisfied, life-long relationships,” ICBA President and CEO Rebeca Romero Rainey said. “ICBA takes pride in representing these community-centric servants, like Fidelity Bank, and championing their dedication to empowering local communities—one loan, one customer at a time.”

About Fidelity Bank

Fidelity Bank, with roots as far back as 1927, is a local community bank serving the communities of Savanna, Thomson and Mt. Carroll, Illinois and of West Des Moines, Huxley, and Cambridge, Iowa. 

Fidelity Bank remains committed to providing our customers with the services they need to be successful. Even as our communities have grown and changed, we recognize our customers' financial goals are changing, too. People turn to Fidelity Bank when they need banking support to reach a significant milestone in their life—like buying a home, saving, or starting a business venture.

We believe local decision-making is what leads to greater success for our clients and our communities. That’s why our team of experts work alongside our customers to provide real answers in real time. Our customers don’t want to be bounced around from person-to-person to get the information they need. We hate getting the runaround, too. Banking should be simple!  For more information, visit Fidelity Banks website at Fidelity-Bank.com

About ICBA

The Independent Community Bankers of America® has one mission: to create and promote an environment where community banks flourish. We power the potential of the nation’s community banks through effective advocacy, education, and innovation.

As local and trusted sources of credit, America’s community banks leverage their relationship-based business model and innovative offerings to channel deposits into the neighborhoods they serve, creating jobs, fostering economic prosperity, and fueling their customers’ financial goals and dreams. For more information, visit ICBA’s website at icba.org.