What’s Included With Your Fidelity Bank Checking & Savings Account

We've got your banking needs covered. In addition to receiving a debit/ATM card and/or checks1, our accounts are designed with digital lifestyles in mind. All our personal checking and savings account options include a full suite of services and benefits. Accounts subject to credit qualifications. Highlights include:


Online Banking

Your personal checking or savings account with Fidelity Bank also includes online banking access. With just a couple enrollment steps, you can login and access your account from any secure, web-based browser. Open 24/7, you can pay your bills, view your balance, manage transactions, and more! LEARN MORE




Free Mobile App

For added ease and convenience, download the free Fidelity Bank mobile app. With our mobile app, your smart phone or device is a secure and easy way to access your account from anywhere. You can also deposit a check from anywhere with just a couple of steps and a photo with our Mobile Check Deposit. LEARN MORE

Download the Fidelity Bank Mobile App




When timing is everything—send money with Zelle®. A fast, safe and easy way to send money to friends and family—find it in our mobile app. LEARN MORE


Enhanced Notifications

Set up customized alerts within online banking or the Fidelity Bank mobile app. You have control of what notifications you want to receive, and you can set up the alerts to be sent via app notification, text alert or email message. LEARN MORE


Credit Alerts

Do you know what your credit score is? With the Fidelity Bank mobile app or online banking, you can securely check your credit score without a hard pull on your credit. You can see tips for improving your credit, monitor your credit score, or get alerts when your credit score changes. LEARN MORE


Electronic Statements

Securely view your account statements and determine if and/or when you want to print with eStatements. A free option to decrease paper and get statements as soon as they’re available with emailed reminders. Signing up is easy! LEARN MORE


Debit Card Fraud Alerts

For our SHAZAM debit card holders, the additional layer of protection from Brella is included. Brella helps protect your debit card from unauthorized or fraudulent activity so you keep an even closer eye on activity. LEARN MORE


Safe Deposit Box Rental Opportunity

Rental of a safe deposit box at one of our branch locations is the ultimate safe location for your valuables. Available in a variety of sizes, a safe deposit box protects your belongings with the highest security and care. LEARN MORE


1All our personal checking accounts include a free debit card (replacement cards available at $20 each) and a free box of basic checks annually, as requested. Upgraded and/or additional checks are available for a fee. Our Fidelity Savings account includes a free ATM card, with replacement cards available at $20 each.