SHAZAM Debit Cards

To bring our customers a bigger and better network, Fidelity Bank has partnered with SHAZAM for our debit cards. When you are a Fidelity Bank debit card holder, you are part of the SHAZAM Privileged Status ATM network. Any of the ATM locations with a Privileged Status identifier are available to you with zero transaction fees.


Mastercard Identity Check

SHAZAM has an additional authentication program called Mastercard Identity Check. A risk-based authentication, when your SHAZAM card is used with an ecommerce merchant you may be asked to identify yourself with a One-Time Passcode (OTP) via text* message. This code will be required at the checkout screen with the SHAZAM logo.

If an invalid OTP is entered on the screen, the transaction will not be completed. If three (3) invalid OTPs are entered, your card will be blocked at all Mastercard Identity Check merchants. To unblock your card, please contact Fidelity Bank.

*Standard text messaging fees may apply.

Brella from SHAZAM

An Added Layer of Fraud-Fighting Armor

Introducing Brella, the FREE mobile app from SHAZAM, that alerts you to potential fraud. Brella helps you protect your debit card by sending you alerts when your card is used, so you can quickly detect unauthorized or fraudulent activity on your card.

Getting started is easy. Download the SHAZAM Brella app from the iTunes App Store, Google Play, or connect from your PC.

To learn more about Shazam Brella, watch the video now:

Protecting You Against Fraud

When you set alerts with Brella, you can keep a close eye on your debit card activity. When you are aware of suspicious activity, you can contact Fidelity Bank immediately.

Watch Your Debit Card Activity

Brella allows you to set up alerts for:

  • A debit purchase for more than an amount you specify
  • Any card-not-present transaction (telephone orders, online orders, mail order, etc.)
  • Any suspicious or high-risk purchase that occurs on your account

If you see any suspicious activity on your account, call the number on the back of your card. For additional assistance, contact Fidelity Bank (during business hours) at 877.281.0689 or contact Shazam after hours at 1.800.383.8000.