About Fidelity Bank

Local Leadership. Local Focus.

For nearly a century, Fidelity Bank has been building relationships and serving our customers. From the start in Cambridge, Iowa, the focus of Fidelity Bank was on helping local people and their businesses succeed. As we grew to include a location in Huxley, Iowa and West Des Moines, Iowa, our attention continued to be on supporting our customers and communities.

In early 2023, Fidelity Bank continued growing with the strategic merger with Savanna-Thomson State Bank based in Illinois. This merger includes branch locations in Savanna, Thomson and Mt. Carroll, Illinois.

Fidelity Bank remains committed to providing our customers with the services they need to be successful. Even as our communities have grown and changed, we recognize our customers' financial goals are changing, too. People turn to Fidelity Bank when they need banking support to reach a significant milestone in their life—like buying a home, saving, or starting a business venture.

We believe local decision-making is what leads to greater success for our clients and our communities. That’s why our team of experts work alongside our customers to provide real answers in real time. Our customers don’t want to be bounced around from person-to-person in order to get the information they need. We hate getting the runaround, too. Banking should be easy. Our mission is to present information that is clear, fast and easy to understand. You can count on Fidelity Bank to careā€•it’s why we keep our focus on the future, enhancing our services and offerings to support our customers and our communities.

Our Core Values

FOCUS IN | Our goals, our customers, and our community has our full attention.

WE'VE GOT THIS | We're proud of our work and empowered to continually improve—for ourselves and our customers.

GO BIG | Our size does not define us, nor does it limit us.

STRONGER TOGETHER | We’re a community within our communities. We encourage, celebrate, and support each other.