Andy Kistenmacher

Whether you are looking to refinance your existing loan, purchase a new home, build a new home, or even remodel your current home, I want to help make the process enjoyable from start to finish. I bring nearly 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry, so you can be confident that I’ll support you to find the best financing services based on your unique circumstances. I bring creativity and experience when supporting your lending needs, which allows us to work together and find the best solution to your financing.

I can help you with loans including:

  • Conventional-FHA-VA-USDA Loans
  • IFA FirstHome Program Loans
  • IFA Homes for Iowans Loans
  • Fannie Mae Home Ready Loans
  • Freddie Mac Home Possible Loans
  • Home Equity Loans
  • New Construction Loans
  • Rehab or Remodel Loans
  • Bridge or Temporary Loans
  • Lot Loans

You can count on me to help answer any questions you may have in a timely manner. APPLY NOW to get started!


Mortgage & Loan Borrower FAQs

Thinking about buying a new home? Interested in seeking a mortgage or residential loan? Here are some frequently asked questions that may help you get started. Please contact me to discuss your unique situation or for more information.

What are the steps to buy a home?
There are common steps that a home purchase includes:
  1. Set Your Budget
  2. Start Shopping
  3. Lock Your Mortgage Rate
  4. Processor Mortgage Review
  5. Home Inspections, Appraisal & Insurance
  6. Abstract & Title
  7. Underwriter Review & Final Approval
  8. Closing
Where are current interest rates at?
Current rates are in a competitive place, but are regularly moving in today's environment. Rates also vary based on your unique circumstance and credit score. Contact me to get a more accurate rate today!
Do I need a 20 percent down payment?
Nope. Your down payment will impact your loan amount, and in some cases can be as low as 3 percent. Contact me to discuss your needs and for advice based on your current situation.
Is my credit score important?
Your credit score can tell a story about how well you are paying bills, keeping your debt under control, and indicate personal responsibility. It is important to know your credit score if you are thinking about buying a house, getting a loan or applying for a credit card. Your credit score informs lenders about your financial history, influencing interest rates or down-payment needs. As a Loan Officer, your credit score will make a difference in the interest rate or lending programs I would explore with you.
Will my credit score be impacted if I get pre-approved?
A mortgage inquiry has a tiny effect, typically lowering a credit score by only 3-5 points. Mortgage lenders evaluate your credit based on a scoring model, with the bulk based on two portions of your credit history: Payment history and credit utilization. What is weighted heavily is how much money you are borrowing from creditors, and if you are (regularly) paying creditors back. Additional credit score factors are credit history and type of credit. All of this will only lower a credit score by an estimated 3-5 points.

If you want to monitor your credit easily, Fidelity Bank personal banking customers who are using online banking services can also take advantage of Credit Score, our credit alert service right in our mobile app. Check out our article about common mistakes why your credit score may have dropped.
I've already been pre-approved. Will I be penalized if I shop another lender?
You have the right to shop with as many lenders as you like. Credit bureaus have made a formal policy (and, in fact, encourage) to allow for "rate shopping." The important thing to note is the time frame to make these mortgage lending inquiries is constrained and definitive. Make sure your applications or lending inquiries are managed properly in order to fit these guidelines. All of your credit pulls should happen within a limited, 14-day window. This will ensure your credit score is not negatively impacted. Contact me for additional help.
What types of loans does Fidelity Bank offer?
Fidelity Bank currently offers the following types of loans:
  • Residential Loans
  • Commercial Loans
  • Conventional-FHA-VA-USDA Loans
  • Home Equity Loans
  • New Construction Loans
  • Investor Loans (rental homes)
  • Lot Loans
  • Rehab or Remodel Loans
  • Bridge/Temporary Loans
What items do I need to process my loan?
There are essential documents you will need to produce in order for your loan to be processed following approval:
  • Pay stubs from the previous 30 days
  • Copies of your W-2 forms and tax returns from the previous two (2) calendar years
  • Bank statements from previous two (2) months
  • Recent investment statement (ex: 401k, capital market)
  • Copy of your photo identification
  • Insurance agent name and contact information
  • History of residence and employment for past two (2) years
What do some of these terms mean?
Some common terms in the home financing process include:
  • Appraisal: A report about the estimated property value based on market research, completed by qualified third party.
  • Closing Costs: Fees associated with sale of a home which may include title fees, property taxes, and homeowners’ insurance.
  • Credit Score: The assigned number based on an analysis of your credit history and credit report.
  • Down Payment: The initial payment for your property, which can range to 3% to 20% of the purchase price depending on your circumstances.
  • Equity: The value in your home minus the amount of liens against your home.
  • Inspection Contingency: Contract provision requiring the completion of a home inspection.
  • Mortgage Rate: When borrowing money to buy a property, this is the interest rate paid.